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Adjustable 11in to 16in Stainless Steel Raised Pet Feeder

Adjustable 11in to 16in Stainless Steel Raised Pet Feeder

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About this item

  • DOG BOWLS FOR ALL STAGES: The height of our step-less elevated lift dog bowl rack can be adjusted between 11 inches and 16 inches depending on the height of the dog. In the case of a medium-sized dog large dog, it can be used from puppy to adult.
  • REMOVABLE DOG BOWLS: There are 2 removable stainless steel bowls that are easy to clean. Convenient for dogs to eat and drink at the same time. Send rubber liner to reduce noise. Note that the dog bowl can hold approximately 1L of water.
  • COMFORTABLE FEEDING ENVIRONMENT. Hanging stainless steel bowl, providing a clean feeding environment. Reduces the bending of the dog's neck, reducing the pressure on the neck when feeding.
  • LONG-LASTING: This adjustable food and water bowl holder is made of durable and thick steel, which is heavier and lasts longer than other materials such as bamboo.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Just 3 steps, assemble the base, assemble the lift table, and combine to screw on the regulator. You can also refer to the assembly instructions that come with the product or our video.
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