Tips to Caring for a New Born Puppy

Tips to Caring for a New Born Puppy

Newborn pups can be extremely fragile. They can take a bad turn without a warning. The initial days are important as every single day is a new milestone for the pup. And pet parents might want to call their vet when they see trouble. Here are a few tips to care for the infant pup.

 Keep a check on his weight as it should increase little every day. Keep the surroundings healthy to keep the pup healthy. They can easily attract diseases such as distemper or parvo.

 Do not let other pets come near the newborn unless they are healthy and vaccinated.

 Always wash hands before handling the pup and afterwards too.

 Puppy vaccinations are important and must receive core vaccinations between four and six weeks. They should also get boosters once in two weeks up until they are 18 weeks old.

 Watch for signs such as high body temperature, decreased appetite, constant crying, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, lethargy, bleeding, etc.

 Fleas and parasites are very common but they need to be addresses faster as these can take over the pup’s body for infestation. Fleas can give pups tapeworms. Collective infestation can lead to fatal anemia. Take precautions to avoid infestation.

 Use only safe products for grooming. Steer clear of chemical based products such as shampoos and conditioners.

 Pet parents who are now used to grooming pets, can take help from professional salons or groomers.

 Keep a track of the puppy growth milestones. Pups mature differently. Larger dogs mature faster than smaller breeds.

 It is important to educate oneself when it comes to raising the pup for the first time. There are so many resources available online that can help kick start the pet parenting journey.

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