Essential Tools for Dog Obedience Training

Essential Tools for Dog Obedience Training

Obedience training allows the pet to respond to the cues of the pet parent. All dogs need training no matter the age and even if they look like they are well-behaved. From understanding commands or cues such as stay or sit or quiet or drop it. Some pets are trained so well that they exhibit certain skills without much effort. So, here are a few essential tools for dog obedience training

Nylon leashes – Pet parents might want to stick to the traditional dog leashes instead of the fancy retractable leashes especially for untrained pets. Choose a leash that is long enough to provide flexibility for both the dog and the owner. Nylon leashes are popular because of their sturdiness.

Quick Release Collars – These can be put on easily and released as easily but only when done with intention. They are easily adjustable and are usually not tight around the neck even when they are trying to pull.

Front-Clip Harness – Some dogs can easily slip out of their collars and when the collars are too tight, they can be injurious to the pet. The front clip harnesses allows the pet to remain safe during the pulling as they minimize the pressure on the neck.

Treats – It is very important to motivate the pets whenever they behave nice. Carry a few treats so that the dog can be rewarded whenever they are in their good behavior.

Favorite Toy – Carry the pet’s favorite toy as it becomes an excellent training aid to divert the pet and get it back under control. Toys can also stop them from getting distracted when they see other small animals or pets.

Clicker – Clicker training is a proven method to teach the pets to follow the cues of their parents no matter the setting.

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